Nitro – Iced Coffee served on Tap that tastes like beer

Nitro – Iced Coffee served on Tap that tastes like beer

If you’re like us at The Apothecary and particularly Ewan, you’ve had that moment when you wished you could enjoy coffee the way you enjoy beer: cold, a little bit bubbly, and as often as possible. That last bit depends on how well you can handle caffeine. The bubbly and cold is where nitro coffee comes in. One of only two bars that serve Nitro coffee in Auckland, Nitro coffee is slightly effervescent, ice-cold coffee on tap. It’s treated with nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide under high pressure, then chilled in a keg and served on draught with a foamy head like a Guinness. Rich and creamy—almost velvety—because of all of the tiny bubbles, it seems sweeter and less acidic than large-batch cold brew (though we love those too). Equal parts chocolatey and silky smooth, nitro is a summer-ready cold coffee we can get excited about.
We’ve watched the tiny bubbles cascade to the bottom—from the crema at the top on down. It really is quite mesmerizing!



Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.01.11 PM

It’s served in small pint glasses- to show off the mini-bubbles. But do be warned, some say this coffee is strong with a capital S, blaming nitrogen for possibly increased absorption rates. Apparently some 8 times the strength of your normal expresso so choose your time wisely to enjoy Auckland’s newest beverage craze!

Source: Some notes taken from Bon Appetit 🙂

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