Review: Stuff NZ

Review: Stuff NZ

Review: The Apothecary Licensed Eatery 25/03/2012

Birdcages, bookcases and brownies. One of these things is not like the others.
This east Auckland cafe, along with selling delicious food, contains items that would be at home in the antique store next door (both are owned by Ted Waters), creating a one-ofa-kind eating experience.

We arrive on a lazy Sunday and I’m intrigued by the decor. Along with the aforementioned, there’s a mix of mounted stag heads, cabinets containing silverware and crystal glasses, and apothecary jars lining the walls.

I’m also intrigued by the menu. While you can get reliable brunch dishes like eggs Benedict, there are also innovative creations like
 crispy duck pancakes with ginger hoisin dipping sauce; a snapper burger and a pork belly sandwich with crab apple jelly and blue cheese.

We begin with a selection of coffees – two long blacks, a cappuccino, a latte and a flat white. They arrive almost straight after we sit down and the quality of the coffees has not been compromised by their speed. In fact, the visiting American says it’s the best coffee she’s had in Auckland.

We’re here after 1.30, fortunately making it just before the kitchen closes at 2pm. A breakfast toastie has been ordered to share. There are a few different toastie options; Miss America and cousin go for the one with fresh rocket, tomato, basil and goat’s cheese with an egg (poached or fried) on the side. I order the spicy sausage and roasted capsicum omelette with sweet onion jam and rocket. The boyfriend gets the quintessential big breakfast – sausage, mushroom, rocket salad, tomatoes, ham off the bone, toast and two poached eggs.

The toastie and big breakfast are fawned over. The portion sizes are decent, the eggs are cooked perfectly and the salad is fresh. My omelette is rather large and languishes atop two pieces of toast with a rocket salad and sweet onion jam for mates. It’s very tasty – although there’s no roasted capsicum, that’s been replaced by tomatoes.

The Apothecary is a good spot for a lazy lunch. There’s a lot to take in and we found the staff were very attentive but relaxed. As it’s licensed, there’s a bar on one side and there’s a menu for dinners on Thursdays and Fridays.

After lunch, we stash a chocolate brownie away for later and head next door to peruse the antiques. It’s a winning combo.

WHAT’S TO EAT: Thoughtful selections that you don’t see everywhere, mixed with old favourites.
HOW MUCH: $66 for three meals and five coffees.
WHAT DO WE THINK: Antique charm with a modern menu. You’ll need more than one hit.

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