We love this review on Zomato

We love this review on Zomato

We love it when someone new comes to town – our town
Here is one of our latest reviews on Zomato

I adore the old town village-ness of this area- it’s a nice change from the hustle and bustle of the hip and modern city areas sometimes. I took a friend here for lunch and was once again wowed by all the trinkets and decor adorning the walls and restaurant, it definitely lives up to it’s name “The Apothecary!” The menu hasn’t changed much from last year when I visited, but that’s not a bad thing as it’s nice to come back for that certain dish you want and for it to still be there. There’s a nice variety too. I ordered the Creamy mushrooms and was estatic when it arrived because I discovered that it was all portobello and no button. Talk about good value! Extremely filling, and none of that nausea-inducing-over-the-top kind of creamy that I’ve experienced at so many other restaurants.
My dining companion ordered the Crumbed camembert and smoked chicken salad which was a very healthy and light option. The entire restaurant has a very nice and casual/ relaxed atmosphere, and clearly quite popular with the people in this area. With your classic staples this is definitely one to visit. I hope they introduce some specials though because I want to come back often but feel like Ive already experienced most of what the menu has to offer.

Ted: And yes specials will be offered as we progress our new menu


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